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What is it and why do we need it?

24 March 2021
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Sciter is an engine for building user interfaces in desktop applications, distributed as a DLL, just over 5MB in size. It is positioned as a competitor to Electron and Qt.
This engine is used by many large companies for their products. These are mainly anti-virus programs (ESET, Dr.Web, Symantec, Avast, etc.), but there are others, including Samsung, VMWare, Evernote, and so on.
According to the developer (he is alone!), Applications using Sciter are 10+ times lighter than those based on Electron or Qt.

The main advantages of the Sciter

1. Cross-platform
Works great with different operating systems.
cross platform
2. Embeddability
Since the engine is built on the C API, it can be embedded in any programming language.
3. HTML / CSS / script
The use of well-known web technologies speeds up the learning process.
Sciter brings web technologies to the development of interfaces, which allows you to quickly master the engine.
But it should be borne in mind that there are restrictions on the use of HTML / CSS, some elements or their behavior may differ from the usual web technologies, and instead of Javascript, TIScript is used here, which does not allow using existing libraries in the form in which they are provided.

At the time of this writing, Sciter provides for free use 32 / sciter.dll or 64 / sciter.dll (Windows), sciter-osx-64.dylib (OS X) and (Linux) in accordance with the terms specified in license.htm (a file that can be found in the downloaded SDK from
Actually, the obligatory terms of use are quite simple - insert the link about the developer in the section "About": "This application (or component) uses the Sciter Engine (, copyright Terra Informatica Software, Inc" ... There are also other types of licenses, for example, with access to the source code of Sciter, you can read about them on the official website.

The SDK includes dynamic link libraries (DLLs) that contain the Sciter Engine embeddable, programs and files required to integrate the Sciter Engine with your application, including documentation, examples, utilities, and libraries.

If you have never written an interface for desktop applications in Electron or Qt, but have experience developing web applications, then Sciter is an excellent choice.

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