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The world-famous money management application
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The world-famous money management application
MoneyWiz is a software that not only tracks income and expenses but allows users to set and track budgets.

Schedule payments and create reports based on your information only in a couple of clicks!

The app has its own syncing platform referred to as "SYNCbits". It syncs user information to any device where the app is installed.

MoneyWiz supports twenty languages and can easily comply with the financial system of any country that officially uses one of the supported languages.

The world-famous money management application
MoneyWiz has received awards and recognition which includes being named the Best Finance App out of the Top 500 Must-Have Apps by The Telegraph.

SilverWiz LLC

Our client is the initial creator of MoneyWiz. They specialize in personal finance management software.
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The main tasks of development:
Preparation of the application for production and release
Integration with the third party data providers
Synchronization with other platforms
App deployment organizing
High quality of the product is our goal in any given project.
We had to prepare MoneyWiz for release:
to change the app design according to new requirements, develop new sections, test and fix bugs that we would have found.

With the starting of development, code improvement ideas immediately arised and were implemented. High quality of the product is our goal in any given project.

For deployment organizing we used ClickOnce — a technology for desktop applications.

We have fully automatized the process. Our client has to run the command, specify a number of the version — and this new version resides on a server, letting the users get updates, so everything is very easy.
Additional improvements
Best quality software is always about small yet useful details.
Integration with online bank aggregators
MoneyWiz can be integrated with online bank aggregators (SaltEdge and Yodlee) and Dropbox.
Synchronization of devices
Users can synchronize their devices in just three clicks via SYNCbits (a product made by our customer, Silverwiz Company).
Reports and forecasts
Reports and forecasts
Reports and forecasts of income and expenses can be viewed in different graphs (via JS library Highcharts).
Data can be imported in CSV, QIF, OFX, QFX formats
Export and import of user data
Data can be imported in CSV, QIF, OFX, QFX formats and correctly exported into an easy to read CSV (export into PDF will be released soon).
Purchase a license
Рurchase of a license or subscription by a user, licenses storage, verification of licenses are operated via Quick License Manager (QLM).
Fastspring is used as a payment provider.
Yahoo Finance and Open Exchange Rates investment
Investment accounts
Investment accounts were implemented for working with equities and securities.
Yahoo Finance and Open Exchange Rates are used for requesting exchange rates, stock prices, etc.
"In my 15 years in the IT industry, I've come to work with hundreds of people. HWdTech's team consists of the most loyal, ethical and dedicated developers I've seen. Their expertise, eye for details and hard work made a huge difference for our project!"
Ilya Yordanov
Founder of MoneyWiz
Financial app development is a task demanding responsibility, calculation accuracy and data safety.
MoneyWiz is no different. Developing this app, I gained some valuable experience of work with banking business processes.

Our client's technical background was a great advantage— it allowed to build effective team communications.
MoneyWiz is one of the best finance management apps (The Telegraph version).

I'm happy to be a part of MoneyWiz dev team.

Mikhail Vahrameev
Technologies we used
Extended WPF Toolkit
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