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We at HWdTech provided maintenance and support services for this project

What is Kattis?

Kattis allows companies to exhibit their test tasks and challenges. Potential employees, in their turn, can compete and have a greater chance of being hired. Top developers receive the response from the company. Kattis allows companies to evaluate candidates effectively and objectively.

Also, a large part of the project is a platform for programming contests. It is popular among freelancers and companies as well as among educational institutions. Kattis is often used by top universities to make better assessments of students' work.
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The main Task
To support the project stability via bug fixing
What we did while working with Kattis
Supported a website using PHP, Python, PostgreSQL, and Smarty
Implemented and supported Python scripts for data processing, testing database population, and data manipulations
Implemented SQL scripts to migrate older database versions
Promoted the best practices for task management and code review processes and for the code style guide
Technologies we used
Idea of your project
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