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We think over and design convenient user interfaces. We create design concepts for ideas for startups and mobile applications based on research, data analysis and testing.

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Why do you need UI/UX design?

A convenient user interface will increase loyalty to your product, increase traffic, form a company's identity and create the desired product image for the user.
  • UI (User Interface) is a stylish visual solution for your application.

  • UX (User Experience) is the logical placement of application components for maximum user comfort., Node.js).


Design Solutions for Your Buisness

Website design

We will present your product, service or online store in such a way that the customer enjoys this interaction.

Mobile app design

150 000 new apps are registered in the world every month. Great UI/UX is what will keep you from getting lost among them.

Web and desktop application design

Design in Figma for any screens and for any purpose. Together we will turn your idea into a product.

User interface development

We provide the UI/UX Design by following the latest trends of the market

Responsive web design

Mobile first is a way to develop a website first for mobile users, and secondly for tablets and desktops.

Logo and identity

A successful logo is what allows the user to understand your product at a glance.
How will we work with you?

How many steps we have to go together. Discussion and agreement at all stages of work is an integral part of the process.

how will we work with you?

User research

We define the real task of the project.

Defining the user journey map

Highlighting useful functionality and content types.

We develop information architecture

Our task is to develop an informational interface design and navigation.

Visual design

We choose a style and color solution based on our tasks and design trends.
Better to see more with your own eyes, right?

A small selection of our works in a simple and understandable gallery form.

Text editor concept

Text editor concept

A small concept of a neomorphic text editor, one of the options for a large project.

Company website

Company website

A website for a company called "KBK" created in Figma and Tilda with a dark theme.

MeanTy concept

MeanTy concept

Another concept of a text editor with an emphasis on minimalistic flat design and wide possibilities.

Social media ad aggregator

Social media ad aggregator

Also one of the design options, created with elements of neomorphism with the addition of photo content.

Bright and juicy glassmorphism

Bright and juicy glassmorphism

Delicious design for the health food calculator: we took a photo and created a glassmorphism for it.


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