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Tablet application


A project from scratch, in which we performed a full development cycle: from project assessment and user research to design, development and debugging.


About project

The agronavigator application on the tablet is installed in agricultural machinery for more efficient field work. The agronavigator tracks the path of the tractor across the field and visually displays the area processed by the machinery.
  • Thanks to an accurate calculation system, the application displays the unprocessed (missed) areas of the field and those where re-processing (overlap) occurred.

  • In addition, the application collects a large amount of statistical data. All this significantly increases the economic effect and efficiency of agricultural work.

Technological Solutions

How we solved complex project tasks

Here are the main difficulties that we faced - and our solutions to these issues.

Coordinate stabilization

If there are problems with the antenna on the device, then the coordinates of the unit will be in error. A tractor standing in one place will randomly move from point to point. We smooth out such errors with linear regression.

Trailer path processing

The application calculates the trajectory of the trailer while the agronavigator is installed not on the trailer, but on the tractor.

Automatic update

It doesn't matter where the device is located: if we release a software update, it is automatically installed without any maintenance.

Calculating the processing area

It is made taking into account the intersections and in real time. The larger the field, the more computationally intensive it requires. We compute data in some neighborhood of the aggregate. As a result, regardless of the processing area, the speed of this operation is constant and does not affect the display.

Agroved features

A little about the settings and features of the application that we have implemented.

Track route across the field

Day and night modes of operation

Calculation of the trajectory of the trailer

Special modes for fields of different configuration



Technologies what we used

With the starting of development, code improvement ideas immediately arised.

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