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Since 2016 React has been one of the key competencies in our company. 49% of all our projects utilize React.

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What do we offer?

We'll help you to develop robust and scalable React web apps from scratch or grow and support existing ones.
  • Front-end development

    Expanding team with React developers for a week/month/year. Manage your budget and team size.
  • Full-cycle development

    Web app development, business analysis, UI/UX, and quality control. We often use the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js).

Technological Solutions

How can we be useful

Deep specialization in React allows us to solve a wide range of tasks for interactive and dynamic single page applications (SPA) and, well-indexed in Google, web applications.

SEO & Google Optimization

If you need your React website to be indexed in Google, then we will develop or configure server-side rendering (SSR), fix HTML markup, correctly setup SEO tags, or implement an AMP version of your web application.

Performance optimization

If your current React website opens slowly, then we can improve the speed of loading webpages by optimizing the page structure, reducing the amount of javascript code, integrating with a content delivery network (cdn).

Any Devices & Internet Connection

A modern web application should display equally well on many different devices, browsers and different internet speeds. We will help you design and develop a responsive, single page application (SPA), progressive web applications (PWA), or AMP web applications that best suit your needs.

Migration & Upgrade

We have great experience in migrating legacy applications to React and in upgrading old versions of React applications to new one. Ask us and we'll consult you on the advantages and disadvantages of porting your application to React. It’s absolutely free.


Why us?


Daily/Weekly reporting via email or meeting calls. Daily/Weekly code delivery. Weekly demo. Control progress in real-time.


Full integration to your software development process if you have your own team. Continuous process improvements. Agile practices

Source code

Full access to all source code at any time for you.

Fair Hiring

You will have a two weeks trial period when you can withdraw from the developer without explaining the reasons and the need to pay for his work.

Minimal risks

You would have an option to terminate development at any time with no penalty. No prepaids. Month invoicing.

Free Estimate

Write to us about your project in form below and we will provide you a reasoned high-level solution for your project and an estimate. It’s absolutely free.

Let the numbers speak!

We have started developing applications using React in 2016 about 5 years ago. The largest project on React, which has been developed by our company, has been going on for more than three years and currently has a size of 24 man-years. 65% of our projects are developed using React.

Man-years largest project size

Years of experience

Of all projects on React


Get to know us by exploring our experiences


Year after year, HWDTech has been recognized as one of the top design and development firms in the world. It’s nice to feel appreciated!



Technologies we used

With the starting of development, code improvement ideas immediately arised.

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