Offline time-tracker

Effective way of managing your working hours
Offline time-tracker
Effective way of managing your working hours
Have you ever hired freelancers? Or do you have a remotely working employee? If yes, then you've already faced a problem of how to evaluate their working activity without fear or favor.

We've found an answer for you

Tik-Tok Coach is a desktop app and a web-portal that offers you time-tracking, screenshot taking, goal setting and evaluating each employee's part in the working process.
Tik-Tok Coach features
We achieved a significant cut down of the project's worktime by simplifying the app porting on different paltforms (saved up to 90% of the code).
Offline working
Unlike other trackers, Tik-Tok Coach continues working offline.
Tik-Tok Coach Time Management Organizer
UX design
You can type in an issue's name, a user name, an e-mail as a solid text — the app will automatically differentiate them.
Tik-Tok Coach can be easily launched on any computer, even on the old ones!
Tik-TokCoach is made by us from a scratch!

With the tracker you can keep a record of worktime by tasks, projects, clients.
Tik-Tok Coach organizer
Years on the market
User companies
Completed projects
129 021+
Hours of work
The whole development process is divided into several stages. Of course, only in retrospect. As Steve Jobs said,

You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.

Here you can see the development of the desktop app design
Experience the process of creating Tik-Tok Coach
Tik-Tok Coach project helped our company realise in what direction we want to grow further — custom development.
Technologies we used
Entity Framework
Windows Forms
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