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CodeFuse Console
An innovative software that automates your testing
CodeFuse Console is a SAAS innovative software for test automation.

Create tests simply and conveniently.

What is so special about it? Firstly, CodeFuse allows you execute testing entirely in the cloud. Secondly, it saves your time and money – you can create and execute tests right from the first day of working with CodeFuse.

website: CodeFuse.io

CodeFuse Technology offers all types of test automatization services to clients via a SaaS-based cloud platform.
We did not develop the whole project right from the start. We came into CodeFuse Console as our customer needed extra resources at the time and decided to expand the team with outsourced developers.
We had to compete with 4 other teams in order to get this job. We were the last team to enter the competition, and the customer had already had a favourite. However, HWdTech's team has performed highly professional and was chosen among 5 teams.
We spent one man-year on this project. It was from October 2016 till May 2017. Read more about our team below.
Meet our team!
We present you the scheme of co-working that we find efficient. Try to think yourself why or just read the answer below!
Jacob Lilo
Senior Developer
Viktor Pashkin
Junior Developer
Our team consisted of a junior and a senior developer. The senior one, apart from doing his own job on this project, reviewed pieces of code that the junior created. This was a benefit for our client, as the result they got was of high quality.
However, the junior developer costed them $5 per less than the senior.
What's even cooler, the junior developer had been raising qualification during the project and became able to solve more difficult problems as the collaboration went on.
It should be noted that we used Agile principles.
it is important to describe the process of communication with the customer. It should be noted that we used Agile principles: we had Skype meetings every day (or in specific cases, every other day), where we reported about the day's workload and got new operative tasks. This allowed our customer to see work in progress and each of us could be more flexible.
We had four main tasks here
Moreover, we developed a number of small features and UX design (have a look at examples here and here).
Admin panel development
ChromeExtension development
Bug fixing and support
Process engine (implementation of tests)
Admin panel was implemented via Angular and provided the
higher level of convenience for users. This is how it looks like:
we have created a Chrome Extension for development of automatic tests
in a browser. You can download it from google play market.
Our senior developer managed to understand the structure of the code and speed slow components up.
As for the third task, we had to fix bugs and support the project. This part was of a great volume and prevailed on the CodeFuse Console project, because our team had not developed it from the start. Some components were slow, so our senior developer managed to understand the structure of the code and speed slow components up.
The last task was connected with test planning and implementation. Our developers created a tagging tool. As there are different kinds of tests, groups of them and their scenarios on CodeFuse, an opportunity of tagging was added so that a user could run specific tests or groups of them. What else was done is a process engine, a special tool for planning (on a complex level) and running tests on CodeFuse in the cloud.
"Hello World is professional, yet free of the rigid structure of many large development firms. They ask good questions in order to really understand the project but are capable of making their own judgment calls and working without undue oversight. The team has strong quality assurance measures." (Verified by clutch.co)
Gordon Marsh
Founder of CodeFuse
Technologies we used
We did
Improved test execution.
Improved a performance of the system - now it works 40 times faster.
Performed refactoring and stabilized code base. 200+ bugs were fixed.
Created Chrome Extension to Spy websites under tests.
Added tags support.
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