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Next.js Development


If you are going to build a React Web application well-indexed in Google, the Next.js is perhaps the best choice in 2021.

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What do we offer?

We will help you to develop Next.js applications optimized for search engines like Google, Bing, etc.
  • Front-end development

    We will scale up your team with Next.js developers to increase your team productivity on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Manage your team size and your needs flexibly.
  • Full-cycle development

    We will develop a web application on Next.js framework from scratch, including business analysis, UX and graphic design, and quality assurance. Get the benefit from development on the most modern React framework!

Technological Solutions

How can we be useful

We can design and develop a static website, an interactive web application, single page application (SPA), Progressive Web Application (PWA), web portal, e-commerce application, etc. for you.

Migration & Upgrade

To improve search engines indexing we will move your application to Next.js way. Not every React application should be moved to Next.js, sometimes you can improve indexing in less expensive ways. Ask us and we will suggest recommendations for your case. It’s free for you.

SEO & Google Optimization

Using Next.js alone does not guarantee good indexing. We will write correct seo tags, make a semantic markup, set up micro format, or implement an amp application to get priority in search results. To know how it will help your application ask us in the form below.

Performance optimization

If your current Next.js website opens slowly, then we can improve the speed of loading webpages. There are a number ways to do this: optimize the page structure, change a javascript library to lightweight analog, use content-delivery network (CDN) and others.


Next.js is not a good choice for every project. The wrong choice of technologies can lead to additional costs and delay in the application launch. We will help you save your time and money by choosing the best technologies for your application.


Why us?


Daily/Weekly reporting via email or meeting calls. Daily/Weekly code delivery. Weekly demo. Control progress in real-time.


Full integration to your software development process if you have your own team. Continuous process improvements. Agile practices.

Source code

Full access to all source code at any time for you.

Fair Hiring

You will have a two weeks trial period when you can withdraw from the developer without explaining the reasons and the need to pay for his work.

Minimal risks

You would have an option to terminate development at any time with no penalty. No prepaids. Month invoicing.

Free Estimate

Write to us about your project in form below the page and we will provide you a reasoned high-level solution for your project and an estimate. It’s absolutely free.

Get to know us by exploring our experiences


Year after year, HWDTech has been recognized as one of the top design and development firms in the world. It’s nice to feel appreciated!



Technologies we used

We have strong experience in modern Next.js approaches and trends, like Server-Side Generating, Server-Side Rendering, Internationalized Routing, incremental static page generation, built-in CSS, code splitting and bundling, image loading optimization, headless CMS, modern reach text editors for content editing and at so on.

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