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HWdTech developers have 4+ years of React.js experience and 11+ years in different other technologies.
We create single page applications using React, Redux and a wide range of other libraries. We will tell you about them below.
We have worked with customers from the USA, the UK, Norway, China, Russia and other countries.
17 000+
man-hours worked using React.js
React 15 and 16
versions that we used on our projects
years of experience in React.js
Some of React libraries we use
There is just part of the tools that we use to achieve optimal time, budget and functionality
for our clients' needs
There are a lot of combinations of OS and browsers. Enzyme helps you understand how any component of your app will render when a particular combination is used.
Styled Components
The library allows to use styles more agile and be sure that every component will be shown everywhere as we have set it.
This library provides better code testing quality and allows to see how the system will look using fake data instead of real. You can check the look of your system even without having real data.
This library helps prevent mistakes that can appear because of developer's inattention or typos. Automatized mechanism warns our developers if the wrong data type is transmitted. Pay your attention to the graph below to see why it's important to fix bugs as early as possible.
The less attention you pay to bugs on your project, the more you feed them. The bug's size is equal to relational amount of money that you may have to spend to fix it.

We at HWdTech use Flow and other libraries to prevent mistakes in code or find and fix them as early as possible.
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