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Augmented Reality
It is the integration of digital information with the user's environment in real time. AR uses the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it. To be more competitive, you can reach your customers offering these cutting-edge services and products.
Virtual Reality
It transforms our reality into an artificial one, and allows us to explore completely new senses. A user may need special VR devices (goggles or a headset) while experiencing it. Virtual reality can be divided into the simulation of a real environment for training and education and the development of an imagined environment for a game or interactive story.
Now that you understand the essence of new realities, have a look at these top AR/VR apps
You can try any of them in App Store and Play Market. And keep in mind that we can make a copy of them and adjust it for your business purposes.
IKEA Place
There is an example of implementing AR into IKEA Place application so that the user could see if any piece of furniture fits in his home before they buy it. Download it from App Store and Play Market.
Orbulus is a great example of VR app. It gives an ability to stand on Mars, look at northern lights, or visit Hong Kong whenever you like. Available on Play Market and App Store.
Google Translate
Have a look at another example of how AR can get inside an app so familiar - Google Translate. No need to type words now. The foreign text is translated into your language by pointing a phone's camera at it. Try it on Play Market and App Store
The last one, SketchAR is basically digitally assisted tracing. So if you have always dreamed of drawing, just select the image you want to draw, hold your phone above your paper and follow the lines on your phone screen to draw the image. Download it from Play Market and App Store.
Our approach
Our team is ready to create e-commerce and other apps for different industries - from real estate, renovation and automotive to human resources and media.
Diversity of devices
We can develop AR/VR application for whatever devices you want - desktop computers, iPhone, iPad, specific wearable VR and AR devices.
Our developers have 2-15 years of experience in different spheres of software development. Five of us are PhDs in Mathematics and Computer Science.
We are willing to use all our knowledge to make your idea a reality.
Augmented or virtual.
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