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Lynx.Land Redirector
SaaS system for creating and managing redirection links
Let's get to the point
The main aim of Lynx.Land is redirection. Want to show a friend what you've ordered at Amazon or AliExpress, but you hate long links to guts? Create short ones via Lynx.Land!

It is an internal HWdTech's project which took 2 man-months to develop (since November 2017).
Try to create a link
Lynx.Land is like a newborn now. Consequently, it doesn't have many reviews. You can support it if you create a couple of links via Lynx.Land and leave us a review in a form below:
Let us show you some interesting features we have added to Lynx.Land
Lynx.Land can display conversion statistics - how many times the link which you have created was entered. Different graphs are available - by location, by platform, by browser and by redirection URL. You can also set a period - a day, a week, a month or a year. This is convenient as you can track your URL conversion and compare it by diverse parameters.
Special Rules
You can create rules of redirection adjusting them to your needs. For example, you want a link to be available only on Thursdays or for the next few hours. So you can make a rule for that and forget about any further adjustments - your link will work as you wish! If you are not planning to use rules, default redirection URL is used.
If you have any ideas which you would like to implement, we are ready to revive them!