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Lynx.Land Redirector

SaaS system for creating and managing redirection links

A smart redirecting tool

What is Lynx.Land for?

Well, it lets you create short links instead of using long ones. And nobody likes long links.

This project is our brainchild since November 2017.

Lynx.Land Redirector
It is just the start for Lynx.Land, and we want to respect our users' opinion to make the world Lynx.Land better.
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Our advantages
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Creating rules for links
Special Rules
You can create rules of redirection by making a link to be available only on Monday or for the next few hours. If you are not planning to apply specific rules, default redirection URL is used.
Redirection analytics
Lynx.Land can display conversion statistics - how many times the link was entered. Various graphs are avaliable. You can set a time period for tracking URL conversion.
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