Technologies' icons pack

Or how we helped ourselves and everyone else
We decided to make our own logo icons for technologies we used.
The challenge

At the beginning of our website redesign we realised that we wanted to use logos to display technology stack of the projects. These pics are objects of copyright, and it seemed too hard to find the owner of each one.
Right from the start we faced two problems
logo of technology
Just writing the names of technologies used in our projects wasn't illustrative enough
Choosing colors
Each technology logo has its own color scheme and they look too fractional next to each other
It was important that the icons were simple, universal in design and easy to recognise.

How it was created?

Step 1
The first step in the design was choosing the most commonly used technologies in our developer's team projects. They are programming languages, databases, frameworks, CMS, libraries, cloud services and so on.
Step 2
The next step was redrawing already existing logos.
On the first stages of design there were just images, but after a discussion with the team of developers it was decided to add annotations to them. The reason to that was the fact that developers who are working with/on? these technologies don't know the logos of some of them.
Some technologies don't have logos, so we decided not to invent a bicycle and just wrote their names in the font that we used for annotations.

All this job took our designer only 2 weeks.
Have a look at her opinion!
During the process of making the icons appeared an idea of creating a pack that consisted of not only technologies our team uses, but of a lot more. We ourselves faced the problem of finding all these icons on the net, so why not make this task easier for everyone else and let other people use them?
Graphic Designer Anna Danilova
Anna Danilova
We realised that many companies are just like us. They are not large, but ambitious, wishing to create a great portfolio.

That's why we prepared you a demo logo pack. It includes 10 free icons of technologies. If you like them, contact us and get the full pack absolutely for free!

Try the demo pack here:
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