Launch of a new brand on the Chinese market via kids entertainment portal

How we launched this brand

The company that produces environmentally friendly food decided to enter a new market - a Chinese one. The target audience in this market were kids.
To launch the product successfully, this company has found the way of combining entertainment and learning process for kids - a single page application. Content there is primarily presented by video episodes and connected interactive karaoke sessions, games, and lessons, oriented towards a healthy lifestyle. The application also includes loyalty program that allows children to purchase other types of content within the application.
Why haven't you named the project or the client yet?
We in Hello World! Technologies respect our clients' right for confidentiality. If it's needed, we are always ready to sign an NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreement. This project is just under NDA - that's why we won't use the brand names.
Meet our team
Two HWdTech developers were a part of a client's remote team
Alexey Bukurov
Senior Developer
Roman Gusev
Middle Developer
How it went
Some important points the application has gone through
Launch of the app for parents (especially moms)
Firstly, the app was focused on informing parents on the benefit of a healthy diet and lifestyle, and sharing lifehacks.
Change of a development direction: now for kids
However, the desired KPI were not reached after the launch of the parents' app. After that, the client decided to change the target audience.
Development and launch of the first version of an education service
Integration of the app with some Chinese platforms (targeted on SEO optimization)
To improve the target requests position of the website and analyze the visitors' behaviour more fully, the SEO optimization was implemented.
English version localization for entering foreign markets
We localized the English version of the app because the client company was planning to enter markets of some English-speaking countries with its environmentally friendly products.
Development and launch of the second version of an education service
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