Equipment database service

How we helped to develop a service used by more than 80% of the US construction companies
Construction companies start looking for equipment in advance, as it's more expensive than in the other spheres.
Earlier, they had to look through hundreds of suppliers' websites. What's more, the information about prices can be hidden or located strangely.

Prices, market demand and other data from more than 200 equipment suppliers in one place - that's what we did as a part of the team. Oh, wait - and automatical costs estimation and comparing, too!
What is it all about? What can be so useful for nearly every company in the construction sphere?

We have developed and now are maintaining a website (as a part of the remote team).
This website helps estimating and optimizing costs of operation and ownership.
In short, subscribers have access to a huge database of equipment suppliers and their prices. It's an easy way to compare equipment by different parameters and find the appropriate one for their business.

What we created through
the past 5+ man-years

Cost Estimation
The users can estimate costs of ownership and operation, hourly charge rates, fair market and liquidation value of their equipment.
Verification Ability
This service gives users an opportunity to find out the year when the piece of equipment was made and track of previous use.
Market Trends
Monitoring of pricing and market demand tendencies is also possible, as well as making these trends visual.
Value Estimation
The users can find both fair market value and liquidation value of all the equipment in the database.
Why haven't you named the project or the client yet?
We in Hello World! Technologies respect our clients' right for confidentiality. If it's needed, we are always ready to sign an NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreement. This project is just under NDA - that's why we won't use the brand names.
Meet our team
Alexey Bukurov
Senior Developer
Maxim Malov
Senior Developer
Igor Tsiegler
Senior Developer
Daniel Safonov
Junior Developer
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