with NO difficulties

You have successfully finished your ICO and now need to introduce a functioning MVP?
We are ready to help you meet investors' expectations.
What we offer
A blockchain minimum viable product (MVP)
built on your idea
and proven with Lean Canvas.
Now that the ICO is finished,
your aim is to develop your idea.
We know how to do this right.

Explore our features

Have a look at what we can offer you besides the MVP
Development of Smart Contracts for Ethereum (EVM) on Solidity
Development of blockchain solutions from scratch
Integration of blockchain into your existing solutions
We can use existing blockchain implementations, or develop new ones

Reasons to choose our team

What makes our clients pleased with our work? Have a look and contact us so we can start working on your MVP as soon as possible
We have developed a lot of MVPs for startups, including for those which have gone through ICO. We know everything about MVPs and a lot more of about blockchain.
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. We easily stick to your timezone and find convenient time for online meetings to keep you informed on the product's status.
Modern methodologies
First we check your idea for efficiency using Lean Canvas. If it appears that the project you planned to implement is not profitable, it is still OK, as you will not lose your money because of it in the future.
lean canvas
All our professionals have at least 2 years of experience, and 3/4 of them have more than 5-6 years of experience.
How can you be sure that your knowledge is up-to-date?
You are absolutely right asking this question. Blockchain is a new and continuously changing technology. It is a future made by us today. 5 our specialists are PhDs in Mathematics and Computer Science. They will take care of your idea and provide up-to-date solutions based on modern technologies.

Benefits of working with a remote team

You still hesitate to write us? There are more advantages that can help you make the final choice!
Broad selection ability
You have no bounds of the city where you live. An enormously wide range of developers do their best competing with each other to get a job from you.
Affordable price
Prices are also more competitive than those which full-time developers can offer. Isn't it really profitable for your project?
Remote developers are more innovative and new technology-receptive. We also use Agile which means we are ready to changes in your reqiurements as a project grows.
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